Roll & roller grinding and lathing machines

Roller Convex/Concave/Cylindrical Grinding Attachments for Lathes

Specifications: 3.0 HP, Front type, 10 inch wheel
Functions: Roller Convex/ Concave/ Cylindrical Grinding Automatically
(or Convex/ Taper/ Cylindrical Grinding)

Made according to users’ lathe dimensions

No special training needed. After reading our operator’s manual, users can quickly understand the operation procedure and theory.

To make sure the objects going through the industrial rollers receive identical pressure, the rollers have to be grinded into a certain degree of convex or concave curve. Using our convex / concave crown grinding attachments in coordination with the lathes ensures that users will get proper surface results for a reasonable price.

Designed and Manufactured by Wise Machinery in Taiwan

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roll lathing
roller lathing
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roll grinding